About us


So what do you get when you cross a young creative piano playing, architecture drawing, furniture designer who just happens to have served as the Mayor from Mayberry (not really, Pelham, Georgia, but  they do only have three stop lights) and a pattern fanatical, color crazy, aspiring designer-of-something author and attorney?  Easy right?  HYPE STRYPE!  But not right away….It has been a journey.  After enduring K5 through high school together, the couple finally took the plunge and became more than “just friends.”  Angie and Steven dated for seven and a half years through countless phone calls, letter writing (on some pretty boring looking paper), weekend visits to each others respective colleges, and holidays spent at home with their families in their native Southwest Georgia.   

Steven attended High Point University where he received degrees in business, marketing and interior designs.  Angie attended Furman University where she received her degree in Political Science. Their relationship survived college papers, exams, rushing sororities and fraternities, and that was only during the undergraduate years.

Following graduation, Steven moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan to pursue another degree in Furniture Design.  During this time, Angie moved to Lansing, Michigan to pursue her law degree, all the while thinking that there was some kind of business she wanted to begin. Finally, the day came---the wedding.  They became an official pair.  At that time, Steven was working for Hekman Furniture as their Design Coordinator, and Angie was completing her law degree.


A year later they made the decision to move back home to Southwest Georgia.  For the first few years they searched and pray and prayed and searched. Each was trying to determine what they should be doing professionally.  Finally, in 2004, Hype Strype was born after Angie attended one of those “no-gifts-please” (yeah, right) birthday luncheons.

Conflicted over whether to take something but nothing too nice, Angie threw together some designs she had been working on.  At the luncheon, of course everyone brought a gift.  However, the gifts weren’t supposed to opened then, were they? Much to Angie’s horror the gifts were opened.  She was asked to fill orders on the spot. And the girls who asked just told her to design something, anything.  So that’s where it all began.

ITM_8317 (1)

Up until 2012, we did wholesale only just like everyone else. We showed at all the major trade shows.  We filled orders frantically.  However, as our family has changed so has our business.  Having three small children means we need to be around for them, so we have shifted our focus from producing a large line of gifts as we did before to going back to our roots.  We are getting back to paper which is where it all began.  We design, manufacture, and package sweet beautiful little packages of encouragement and happiness right here in the USA.  Our fine stationer and gift products are made of the highest quality, and the colors are magnificent.

Life in Pelham is a bit more hectic now with two daughters and a son and a business in its 14th year.  But now, in over 40 states, Hype Strype is a little independent-maker- kind-of-a-biz that hopes to touch as many folks as possible with its colorful encouraging paper expressions!


We are a Christian based company who believe firmly in the verse Isaiah 53:5.  It says, “…by His stripes, we are healed…” From that, we decided to name our business Hype (for our crazy life) and Strype (for the importance that Christ plays in our life and our business).